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  • Dispute Management

    Dispute Management

Finding a resolution through clarity and compassion

Conflict in the workplace can become a lengthy process, impinging on the time and productivity of all staff members involved, and quickly leading to low morale if not handled professionally.

While dispute management is best handled initially between an employee and employer, sometimes a need for additional formality exists. In these situations, it can be helpful to bring in an external third party with relevant expertise to provide a fresh perspective.

Dispute resolution needs all parties to be open and honest in the conversations they have, and with the information they share. An objective third party can help facilitate this, with empathy for both sides of a dispute, to help work towards the most mutually beneficial outcome.

How we can help

We can provide advice based on our deep knowledge of the law, and a clear understanding of your sector. We’ll help you to achieve clarity in your company procedures and policies, so that should a dispute arise, we can demonstrate the rationale for policies and show they are fair.

We will seek to understand the root of a conflict, with the knowledge that each situation is unique with underlying emotional factors and existing relationships driving it. We will collect reports and statements to inform our approach without assuming anything about your circumstances.

We’ll carry out dispute management with compassion, while helping you to focus on the issues at hand. We will also help you to come up with your own solutions where possible.

We can act as mediators, helping to de-fuse your situation before it escalates to anything more dramatic, long-term or costly – and we can provide expert advice should the worst happen.

Following a resolution, we will also check in to see how progress is going, and can provide follow-up support if required. And we will, of course, conduct our business with you in complete confidence.

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