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    HR Audits

Ensure your policies and procedures are up to date

New and changing legislation can have a big impact on HR roles and functions. Teams that don’t keep up with the law can struggle with the consequences if they’re not fully prepared. This can then have a knock-on effect, affecting the wider organisation, the engagement of its employees, and its reputation.

To stay protected, we’d recommend your business conducts an HR audit at least once a year. An HR audit is an in-depth analysis of your HR function to help you learn what your team’s strengths are, and where there may be opportunities to be better. An HR audit will also ensure your policies and procedures are up to date, so your employees know where to go when they need support.

The findings of an HR audit

The findings of an HR audit will help you understand what you need to do to improve your operations, prioritising the areas that are most achievable and will have the most impact. It can also help to:

Benchmark your business against industry norms

Reassure board members and your senior management team that HR is managed correctly

Promote staff retention through effective HR relationships

Ensure your business maintains a competitive edge

How we can help

We will work with you to understand your own objectives when conducting an HR review – whether there is one particular issue you want to resolve, or you need a more general ‘health check’ for your department.

We will seek to understand your organisation’s wider strategy so we know how the HR function can best support it, and how processes can be most efficiently aligned. We’ll look at where you are, and work out where you wish to be.

We would review your current systems, policies and procedures. We’d examine areas such as your legal compliance; health, safety and security measures; and your record-keeping and data protection. We’d examine your employee engagement work, looking at performance appraisal systems, benefits programmes, and employee guidelines and handbooks. We’d also look at how you carry out recruitment, terminations and probationary periods.

We will provide a report afterwards, detailing our evidence-based recommendations. We can also make ourselves available for follow-up – checking in with you at regular intervals.

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