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    HR Documentation

Your HR documentation needs to be right for your business

Your HR documentation is vital for ensuring your business and the people who work there all have a common understanding of rights, responsibilities and processes.

It includes everything from employment contracts, to absence forms, job descriptions, and disciplinary and grievance policies. It’s absolutely essential that your business is protected by all standard HR documentation, and that it is expertly drafted and legally compliant.

Your HR documentation needs to be right for your business. Often, it may be copied from another business, or follows a template downloaded from the internet. However this may be too generic, or not sufficiently relevant to your own organisation. It may even hold you captive to terms and conditions that are not suitable for your business at all.

Ensuring you have contracts and documentation now, which accurately reflect your business and prepare you for any potential risk, can save a lot of problems further down the line.

How we can help

We can make sure your files and contractual documentation are all up to date and conform to the latest developments in legislation, and best practice within your own particular industry.

We’ll review the documentation you currently have, and we may also set up chats with your team to understand how it is coordinated and managed, and what the sign-off procedures are. We ensure that your documents also link to your company values, informing the tone of all your policies.

We can help you to put together your employee handbook. One size doesn’t fit all with these critical documents, so we’ll make sure it covers everything it needs to, while remaining user-friendly and accessible for all.

We will use our findings to feed into a report, to indicate where your HR documentation works well, as well as areas where it could be improved. We’ll also help you to think about how best to communicate to your employees about your HR documentation: where it is, what it covers and what they need to know.

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