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    Organisational & Culture Change

Helping you through challenging adjustments

Our working lives are full of change, more so than ever before. Increasingly, organisations are experiencing regular restructures, redundancies, or new departments springing up to deal with emerging opportunities, data and technology. We are all living faster and must learn to incorporate regular change into our everyday lives.

How we help

We can help you plan for change so any shifts your company makes are approached in the right way to minimise culture shock or negativity where possible. We will support you with a strategy for communicating change so it is embraced and there are positive outcomes.

As HR Consultants we are trained to help you manage staff during disquieting periods. An external company such as Edelweiss HR is extremely helpful in managing the hundreds of questions that may have arisen through change, and answering them in the most effective, non-biased and calm manner.

We can act as your go-between – taking the stress away from your managers – yet still keeping them in the loop, so you know exactly what is going on and learn the sentiments of your workforce.

Let’s not forget that change can be positive too! We can help you celebrate good news in the workplace and ensure employees are on board with any positive changes taking place.

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