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  • Staff Wellbeing

    Staff Wellbeing

Supporting mental health issues in the workplace

Mental health is now at the top of the agenda in many organisations. According to a CIPD survey of more than 1000 HR professionals, managers who take employee health and wellbeing seriously achieve a healthier and more inclusive culture (35%) and lower staff sickness (31%).

In 2012, mental health was not discussed in the workplace, yet at this time, Company Owner Anna studied for her MA: “Barriers to those with mental health challenges entering the workplace.”

She has a passion for working with business owners to support their employees with practical and low cost ways to encourage wellbeing. In fact, she is a Mental Health First Aider.

Anna’s co-worker Lucy also shares the passion for wellbeing in the workplace and is a fitness fanatic! She is both a highly qualified HR professional and a wellness coach.

We are excited to offer our clients bespoke workshops to add value to your business including:

  • Resilience and wellbeing workshops
  • Training in awareness of mental health
  • How to recognise if someone is struggling and how to support them

Nurturing employees and keeping a close eye on them if you believe they are struggling – at work or at home – is so important for the wellbeing of your staff and the success of your company. It makes good business sense too. A healthy and positive employee will be more productive than an employee who is stressed or exhausted.

Staff may not want to open up to their managers or colleagues. Often they prefer not to talk about their personal life at work or keep their mental health challenges to themselves. In some cases, it is seen by staff members as a weakness that it best not aired in the workplace – no matter how open or understanding your organisation is to their needs.

How we help

If you think a team member is suffering and is not able to open up and explain the challenges they are facing, it often helps to chat to a non-biased third party such as Edelweiss HR. We offer a supportive environment in which you and your staff can relax and confide in us.

Health and wellbeing schemes

We can create health and wellbeing schemes for your employees. This could include a scheme that we recommend based on staff feedback, including gym memberships, counselling, mindfulness or meditation in the workplace, and workshops on how to stop smoking or improve nutrition.

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