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    StrengthsFinder Coaching

Everybody has talents and strengths

Everybody has talents and strengths – but not everybody knows what their own strengths are, or how to get the best from them.

Meanwhile, good businesses and managers know that people who play to their strengths at work can be some of the most engaged, productive and satisfied staff members they have. When people are empowered to use the strengths they naturally have, success is far more achievable.

StrengthsFinder Coaching can identify your own personal capabilities and competencies, empower you to develop them, and become more self-aware.

It is based on an online assessment created by the Gallup Organisation – an American analytics company. The assessment identifies 34 core strengths in people, and will reveal your own top five strengths.

This enables you to recognise how you are already using your strengths in your own professional and personal life, and to understand how you can invest in these strengths to reach your true potential.

StrengthsFinder Coaching can be especially helpful if your company is experiencing change, for instance from restructures, new leadership, mergers, or downsizing.

How we can help

We work with you to complete the StrengthsFinder assessment, and discover your own greatest strengths – or as the assessment calls them, ‘themes’. From ‘maximiser’, to ‘belief’ to ‘strategic’, we’ll explain your themes so you know exactly what they are. You may even experience recognition at how these themes have influenced you and continue to impact your life.

We’ll explore how you currently use these strengths in your everyday life both in work and at home. We’ll establish if there’s anything that may be inhibiting or threatening these strengths, and encourage you to gain a deeper understanding of how to optimise them. We’ll also discuss with you how you can prioritise activities that use your core strengths.

We can also work with teams. We’ll carry out the activities above with each team member, and we’ll look at the combination of strengths within your team. We can assess how certain strengths might be a good fit for any particular role in your team.

StrengthsFinder Coaching can work as a great team bonding experience, while helping all team members to better recognise their colleagues’ strengths. It can help you to overcome conflict by recognising where strengths might clash, and it will inspire trust, stability, and effective collaboration. Whether you’re a team manager, or an individual wanting to get the best out of your abilities, we’d be happy to help you with StrengthsFinder Coaching.

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